We welcome determined students to become fortified with the necessary skills to shine in the barbershop and flourish in any entrepreneurial setting.

P. Michael Boone

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Junior Barber Academy is simply the best and very unique. It is the best investment you can do for your kids to learn a real-life skill. Owner Prentice is the kindest soul who treats all his students like his own and continuously mentors and motivates them.

Even though it was 1.5 hrs drive one way for us but we felt it was all worth it. When my son Tanuj wanted to start cutting hair at a homeless shelter, Prentice drove all the way from Philadelphia to central jersey to support him.

A big kudos to Junior Barber Academy and Prentice. Tanuj is looking forward to many more haircutting sessions to give back to society.


Anita and Tanuj


P. Michael Boone has been an absolute beacon on light for young entrepreneurs such as my son. At the age of 13, my son decided he wanted to create various streams of income to support him in the future. After searching the internet he came across the Junior Barber class but didn’t meet the age criterion. He then placed a call to P. Michael and did an on the spot interview. Thereafter, he was shortly enrolled in the next session and attended each week – traveling more than 2 hours each way to support in support of his dream.

Since completing the class over a year ago, he has received ongoing support, generous assistance, and introduced to a wealth of events to support the community.

By far one of the best experiences he’s been exposed too. Keep up the good work P. Michael.


Proud Parent


Since my son Dontae joined the JR. Barber Academy the summer of 2019, he has learned so much from the program. It has opened up doors for him to cut with Master P at hair shows and back to school events. The program has allowed my son explore and become a entrepreneur after high school because he doesn’t want to go to college. Proud mom


Proud Parent