My name is P. Michael Boone. I am the proud owner of Haute Barbershop and creator of the Junior Barber Academy based in the heart Philadelphia.

My mission is to simply provide the youth with an opportunity. Giving them an outlet to express themselves in a positive matter. Encouragement goes a long way towards helping students express their creativity, all while learning a skill that can last them a lifetime.

The Junior Barber Academy Philadelphia is a youth-based program that introduces the art of barbering to children from the age ranges of 8 to 18 years of age. A safe, fun, and interactive place for children to learn the art of barbering and the one on one barber training fundamentals of the craft. We promote an environment that focuses on motivating, inspiring, and coaching each child to never give up and aim for the stars.

The P Michael Boone Foundation & The Junior Barber Academy will benefit tremendously. Through the contribution of funds, our foundation will plan for expansion of the Junior Barber Academy, enabling a larger facility for more students young and older to learn the art of barbering. Providing the students with the necessary tools and equipment during the semester and beyond.