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The hands on barber class is both online and in-person instructor-led barbering class with our master barber himself P. Michael. This class is a fee-based class because we are going through the technical skills of barbering which requires a master barber to teach.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

We cover how to hold the clippers for cutting against the grain and cutting with the grain, sanitization for the client, safety for the barber, the anatomy of the skull, where to go against the grain and with the grain, the mathematics of barbering, and communicating correctly with the client. These are the most essential parts of being a good barber. 

Learning Path

In lesson 1 students will learn how to follow the flow of the clients crown while using our grid system.


In this lesson students will learn the importance in utilizing a drape to shield their clients during a haircut.

Learn the process to keep yourself and clients safe from germs, infections, viruses and diseases.

In lesson 4 students will learn the solutions to common issues barbers need to protect themselves and their clients. 

Each skull is unique in shape and size. During this Lesson we dive into the definition and proper terminology used to name the different parts of the skull.

In this Lesson students will learn the correct way to cut against the grain of the hair and with the grain of the hair. 

This Lesson will instruct students on knowing which guard to use and when to use them.

Lesson 8 students will learn the fundamentals of client communication. In this lesson students will discover what questions to ask the client, so they can better understand the clients expectations.  

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