How It All Started

Today when you think of, or even when you hear of, a barber education course or a barber school, I’m willing to bet you don’t imagine children from the ages of 7-17 learning how to cut hair. For that reason you need to know how it all started and who started it all. The Junior Barber Academy was founded in 2018 by P. Michael Boone but long before 2018 this was in the works. It all started with a young P. Michael Boone growing up in the streets of Philadelphia and being susceptible to poverty, crime, & violence. It can be easy to ignore the bright spots or to be ignorant of all the positives that surround the youth who call the inner cities their home. P. Michael Boone wasn’t going to let his environment dictate who he’d become or where he’d land as an adult.

On this journey to becoming the founder of JBA P. Michael Boone began to observe his environment and through his own experiences he developed a process that cultivated personal growth. This knowledge has become the foundation of Junior Barber Academy course material. During this process of growth P. Michael Boone picked up his first pair of clippers and without many mentors to help guide his hand the mission began. The self-taught master barber you see today began in 1993 and over the years he practiced and honed his barber skills cutting hair for friends and family.

Like many children from across the globe, when you have a nice clean haircut, you get a sense of inner confidence. The problem P. Michael Boone discovered was that not only was it very difficult to cut your own hair but paying for a haircut whenever it was needed was just as difficult when the money wasn’t available. With those two big problems, he soon discovered that those problems weren’t only regulated to him, across his community others dealt with similar issues.After spending years perfecting his process P. Michael Boone opened Junior Barber Academy in 2018. He hosted his 1st class with 5 attendees. Little did he know that inside his first class would be a 7 year old girl who had a dream of being a famous barber & to cut the hair for celebrities like Lebron James. He noticed her passion and enthusiasm and with every question he knew that the mission for JBA traveled far beyond just teaching kids a valuable life skill. P. Michael uncovered he would be able to inspire children from all over to pursue their dreams.