The hands on barber class is the instructor-led hair cutting course with our master barber himself P. Michael facilitated online and in-person.

The Hands On Barbering Class

The hands on barber class is both online and in-person instructor-led barbering class with our master barber himself P. Michael.

This class is a fee-based class because we are going through the technical skills of barbering which requires a master barber to teach.

What is covered in the class:

We cover how to hold the clippers for cutting against the grain and cutting with the grain, sanitization for the client, safety for the barber, the anatomy of the skull, where to go against the grain and with the grain, the mathematics of barbering, and communicating correctly with the client. These are the most essential parts of being a good barber. This class is offered through three packages: starter, standard, and premium. You get 4 weeks of instructor-led education in-person or zoom conferencing, 2 hr sessions once a week, access to the theory of barbering class, and admittance into our online community.

The theory of barbering1 on 1’sNetworking
Simple, in person lessons that allow students to make real and immediate progress.Receive 1 on 1 instruction through webinars(via Zoom Conferencing)Come for the strategies and stay for the community. Network, discuss and share ideas with your peers.
Comprehensive LessonsNo TextbooksThe theory of barbering
There’s no room for confusion with lessons that require students to leave no stone unturned.All Handouts, worksheets, and quizzes are available for download.One of our main goals is for students to gain understanding of the current theory of barbering.
Features that come included when you enroll for classes.

Class Packages

Beginner Kit $397

Premium $597

Elite $697

  • 4 Week Barber Course
  • 2 hrs. per day once per week
  • 4 weeks Access to The Theory of hair cutting
  • Google classroom access
  • Starter Package Plus
  • JBA Starter Kit
  • Over $100 in savings from regular barber kit pricing
  • Standard Package Plus:
  • 2 1hr personalized refresher courses via zoom

Class curriculum

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Policies and Procedures

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