Many may believe the answer is quite simple and maybe even gender related. We have decided to go much deeper into the definition of who is who. 

Both barbers and stylists have attended either a barber school or a beauty school and in some cases they have attended both. Which is why the best place to start this discovery is to review the difference between the barber course and beauty school course. Traditionally Barber courses online or in the classroom have focused on cutting hair lower in a variety of styles. The art of cutting hair has been reserved to barbers dating back to the early 5000 B.C. ages in Egypt. The same was true then as it is today, barbers are highly respected members of their community. The tools associated with barbers have changed from sculpted oyster shells to the modern day clippers you can find inside your local barber shop. 

The hair stylist is capable of doing everything a barber can when cutting hair, but the hair stylist is a specialist at keeping the hair length and dressing it presentably. The history of hair stylist dates back to 17th century France, where a male hair stylist from Champagne styled the likes of wealthy women. The hair stylist primarily worked with women’s hair and was not likely to work with men’s hair during the 17th century the dawn of the barber shop was primarily where men went to socialize and only the prestige of wealth was catered to at a barber shop. 

The history of barbers and hair stylists is separated by gender rather than skill. Today however a barber is just as likely to take a beauty course to learn the art of styling hair and cutting hair as they are to take a Barber learning course. A hair stylist is required however to take a barber course when they undergo their beauty learning course. 

Many local barbers are evolving into more hair stylists, with the emergence of hair competitions and hair shows, barbers are beginning to blur the lines between what the stereotypical hair stylist vs barber should be. Be sure to check out our Junior Barber Academy to learn more about our online barber courses & teen barber courses.

Tell us, what do you think is the difference between a hair stylist & a barber below?