This initiative has been put together to create common grounds for people to come together and support one another. Through the Support your local barber initiative we are asking for people to sow into our scholarship fund created to provide the less fortunate kids in our community a chance to gain a useful skill to create their own business. We also ask for donations to help support the vision of the JBA organization’s growth plan to become a major source of employment and opportunities for kids 8-18. Finally, we ask for anyone who might know someone who would benefit from this program or want to take the program but fear that you don’t have enough. We will work out deals and utilize funds from our scholarship fund so that every interested person has the opportunity to invest their time in a bright future with barbering. We aren’t asking for a hand-out with no return for your contribution! If you decided to contribute to JBA we will send you a certificate, a t-shirt, or some of our essential hair, skin, or beard oil as a personal thank you for your contribution.

North Philly can be a tough place. The Fairhill neighborhood is a stone’s throw away from P. Michael’s shop. Recent census figures place the poverty rate there at 61 percent. In such a climate job aren’t always readily available. Indeed, the children born to that community generally don’t have wealthy benefactors nor should they anticipate anyone’s sympathy. The future starts with the youth and capitalizing on their talents, dreams, and ambitions are key for success. Motivating, inspiring, and coaching each child to never give up and aim for the stars because within each child is a gift that through a positive role model can be developed and built upon. 

D’Juan Hopewell

Community Engagement is a key component of Junior Barber Academy. Participants in the barber training program engage 50 to 200 community members by providing free haircuts. Partakers in the program gain crucial communication skills conversing with clientele and building relationships with members of their community who otherwise would have been strangers. Junior Barber Academy has a close partnership with YES (Youth Emergency Services) which allows members of JBA hair cutting course to get practice hours on youth and young adults who are experiencing homelessness or temporary displacement. JBA members have a sense of ownership of their community by immediately putting a smile on someone’s face after a haircut. 

We ask that you help support by clicking the link below to donate to the PMB Foundation which actively supports our Junior Barber Academy. The Junior Barber Academy will benefit tremendously. Through the contribution of funds, our foundation will plan for expansion of the Junior Barber Academy, enabling a larger facility for more students young and older to learn the art of barbering. Providing the students with the necessary tools and equipment during the semester and beyond.