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JBA has a close relationship with local schools and recreation centers in the Philadelphia area.

The Junior Barber Academy has a few programs aimed at helping the youth as well as the community come together for positive activities for everyone. We do haircuts for the less fortunate, back to school haircuts, and showcases for our top student barbers. We volunteer as an organization in the North Philadelphia Communities with events sponsored by schools and local government. We are also very open to finding out what events our students and parents are hosting so we can attend and assist in any way we can. If you are interested in doing an event with JBA or attending events we are hosting please fill out the contact form and select programs in the drop down and we will get in touch with you to gather the details.

Participants in our barber training program take part in events that serve the community like free haircuts for holidays, haircuts for the homeless, and back to school.

JBA advertises through the schools and provides discount programming to students within the North Philadelphia & surrounding areas.

Through successful programming sessions our JBA hair cutting course has built a strong following on social media acquiring over thirty thousand followers and various press releases. JBA hosts several free information sessions to inform parents and future participants of the barber training program. During these information sessions founder P. Michael does a demonstration of what the members of Junior Barber Academy will learn. 

We encourage all of our partners & sponsors that make significant contributions to the communities they serve to keep going and to always put the youth first. If your organization or program is looking to enhance its offerings by featuring our 4 week barber course, we have group discounts available to all non-profit organizations.